Wednesday, 23 October 2013

New Condo Proposal: Minto Bathurst and Front - Bfront Condos

New Condo Proposal: Minto Bathurst and Front

New Condo Proposal: Minto Bathurst and Front  

Location: Front Street and Bathurst
Development Cost: TBD
Development Type : Residential - Commercial/Retail Base
Condo Purchase Price and Range: Unknown
Developer: Minto Developments 

Project Background: North of the railands 

The latest development from Toronto which is a city on the verge of bursting as the following list of projects can attest. There are some 150 buildings in Toronto Currently Under-Construction. Then there are also Hundreds of new project proposals in the works. This project is the latest and just one of many on the go. There has been talk in some quarters of a condo bubble that may be bursting, however, those fears however well founded have proved not to be true.

Listing of the latest of the Toronto Projects and  News:

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