Saturday, 29 December 2012

New TTC Streetcars Arrive in Town

New TTC Streetcars Arrive in Town

Ok, This is probably old news for most of you, but the TTC's New Streetcar fleet, which is currently being assembled by Bombardier Transportation in Thunder Bay, got it's first test vehicle a few months back. These Streetcar's are long, long long, and will be capable of holding up to 160 passangers, and they will be twice as long as the current streetcar fleet. They will have LED indicators to alert drivers that the doors, are open and prevent any unintended accidents. Hopefully as passangers are aware, always look to your right when you step out of a streetcar and make sure the traffic has stopped before you let your feet hit the pavement.

These new Streetcars are slick, and very futuristic, and will be (hopefully) more reliable than the current fleet, they will also have seat-to-seat facing arrangement, so you will finally get a face to face look at your fellow passangers on the TTC. The fact most passangers look down and don't make any eye-contact will then be somewhat resolved with this new fleet.

New Streetcars Arrive in Toronto

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